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VID May 2012

Berkshire Shareholders Meeting – 2012 So soon after Buffett’s remarkably candid announcement that he had been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer, it was impressive to hear him and his 88 year old Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger, displaying their usual high levels of energy, acerbic wit and razor sharp analytical

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VID March 2012

Buffett article and annual letter to shareholders Click here for the article Click here for the video Click here for his shareholder letter This article was published in Fortune as an adaption / preview of his shareholder letter, published two weeks later. This would be an excellent one to give

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VID January 2012

The Misguided Mix-up of Celebrity and Leadership Click here Within our long check list of items we use to assess a potential investment is a section on management.  One of those questions asks whether the leadership is “low ego”.  We have long believed that the larger the ego of a

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VID November 2011

Nov 2011     Issue 6 Manual of Ideas Click here Simon was recently interviewed by The Manual of Ideas, a high quality online research resource for value investors, providing screening and detailed research on specific value ideas. Click on the link above for a copy of the interview, which

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VID September 2011

Sept 2011     Issue 5 Invest like you are buying a business–kovitz-investment-group This is from the quarterly update from the Kovitz Investment Group. It highlights one factor that can lead to assets being mis-priced as businesses are compared with a basket of other similar but not identical companies.

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VID July 2011

July 2011     Issue 4 Steve Forbes interviews Joel Greenblatt Following his success with “The Little Book that beats the Market”, Joel Greenblatt is on the interview circuit again, promoting his 3rd book, “The Big Secret for the Small Investor”. This interview is packed with insight, extolling the

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VID May 2011

May 2011     Issue 3 A framework for investment success, Seth Klarman If you read only one article from this issue of the Digest, read this one.    Seth Klarman is an outstanding investor.  We featured his preface to Security Analysis in the last issue.  Here, we are providing

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VID March 2011

March 2011     Issue 2 Welcome to the second edition of the Value Investor Digest.  We are aiming to publish this every two months, however if we fail to find sufficient quality material, we will simply wait until we have. The objective of the Value Investor Digest is to

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VID January 2011

January 2011     Issue 1 The Value Investor Digest is a listing of the most interesting articles and reference material on value investing we come across, providing you a brief synopsis and a link to the original source. We will publish this periodically as we collect relevant material.  If

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