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Value Investing was developed in the early Twentieth Century by Benjamin Graham and has been popularised in recent decades by the success of many investors who follow the approach, most notably Warren Buffett. It is now a well respected investment style in the US but is still a nascent sector of the investment universe elsewhere.

Numerous academic studies have shown that a disciplined value-based approach to investing in securities outperforms the market over the long term. It is under-pinned by research into behavioural investing which demonstrates both why it is so psychologically difficult to do (because it involves taking positions that are contrary to the received wisdom of the crowd) and why it is so financially rewarding when done well.


Value Invest organises the London Value Investor Conference, Value Invest New York as well as the Quality-Growth Investor Conference.

Our first event was held in London in 2012 and has featured well-known investors including Michael Price, Howard Marks, Neil Woodford CBE, Nick Train, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Anthony Bolton, Francisco García Paramés, Will Browne, David Harding and Jonathan Ruffer, as well as other investors running both large and small funds.

Our most recent conference took place on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at The Times Center in Manhattan. See below for an overview video of VINY 2019:


We gather material which relates to Value Investing and publish a periodic summary, called Value Investor Digest or “VID”. The formula for VID is simple: a listing of the most interesting pieces we come across, providing you a brief synopsis and a link to the original source. We will aim to publish this quarterly. If you come across anything that you think we should include in future updates, please send them to us. Subscription to Value Investor Digest is free, if you would like to be included in the mailing list please sign-up.

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